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07 September 2011 @ 12:24 pm
5 drabbles  

Hi all! I'm "new" to the fandom and have officially decided to play in it. These are my first 5 drabbles focusing on Harper, Justin and therefor Zeke. Please note these are DARK stories, written for dark_bingo, these are not happy or for children. They deal with dark concepts an ideas which do include violence and gore, cheating and sensual content.

I do hope you like them! Enjoy ♥

Fandom: Wizards of Waverly Place
Pairings: Harper/Zeke, Harper/Justin
Medium: Fic
Rating: T-R (hard R)
Warnings: (Language, Violence (boarding on abuse), Adult Concepts and Interactions)
Note: I do not own Wizards of Waverly Place or the concept of the Tesseracts or even their name, that all comes from the brilliant mind of Nathan Atkins.
Summary: The road to hell was paved with good intentions.


Title: Darkness Within
Fandom: Wizards of Waverly Place
Prompt: Supernatural: Creatures
Medium: Fic
Rating: T
Warnings: (Language, Violence, Adult Concepts)
Note: I do not own Wizards of Waverly Place or the concept of the Tesseracts or even their name, that all comes from the brilliant mind of Nathan Atkins.
Summary: The road to hell was paved with good intentions.
Word Count: 500

Zeke Beakerman looked at the small rock on his desk; it was a secret gift from Justin Russo. It was a small piece of the asteroid that the Russo kids had destroyed. But Justin was a good friend and knew that he wanted to study the small piece of rock. It could contain something alien and that excited him. He scratched his arm as he continued to stare at the small stone. It was almost like he was in a trance; he couldn’t stop looking at it. For all purposes it looked like a regular rock but he knew it was more than that. He could feel it…well besides itchy. He had no idea why he had become so consumed with the need to scratch. He looked down to his forearm and realized he was bleeding. Cursing he grabbed a nearby tissue and began to blot at the blood that ran down his skin.

He shivered and realized he was scratching his other arm with his free hand. He couldn’t stop, and now he realized he wasn’t itchy. It was something else. A compulsion…a need, he felt his stomach roll and he felt like he was going to throw up. He had no idea why he felt so sick and so itchy all of a sudden; it wasn’t allergies, not this time of year. He tossed the tissue into the trash and curled up on his bed and the next thing he knew was darkness. He felt like he was falling, it was blackness and endless and he was afraid.

He knew it wasn’t sleep, his brain hadn’t shut off, and it was just endless darkness. And through that he felt like he was being watched, something was reaching for him. Something strong, something powerful and he knew it wasn’t magic. Magic didn’t feel like this and he felt his body writhe on his mattress. Zeke something within called to him and he looked around, there was nothing, there was no one, just that presence all around him. Before his eyes he was consumed with fire and violence, a hunger for blood and for gore, for pain and misery. Hurt them came a sudden and dark thought. No. He couldn’t hurt anyone, that wasn’t him! The thoughts of Justin and his beloved Harper Finkle stood through the darkness and he shuddered. No, no! He would never hurt them. Never. But soon that resistance began to fail and all he could think about was hurting them, making them bleed.

Yes, they would suffer and he felt himself smile. The thought of their pain rushed through him like ecstasy. He relished in the emotion like it was the first time he ever felt it. Then there was nothing. He felt his eyes open and he looked in the mirror, he could see himself but felt no attachment to this body, this form. He looked to the bloodied gash on his arm. It was beginning to close before his eyes and he smiled.


Title: Sympathy, Tenderness
Fandom: Wizards of Waverly Place
Prompt: Insomnia
Medium: Fic
Rating: R
Warnings: (Language, Violence, Adult Concepts and Interactions)
Note: I do not own Wizards of Waverly Place or the concept of the Tesseracts or even their name, that all comes from the brilliant mind of Nathan Atkins.
Summary: The road to hell was paved with good intentions.
Word Count: 957

Justin Russo sighed as he lay in bed, he couldn’t sleep. Every day this week, he found himself battling severe insomnia. It had never happened before and he couldn’t figure out why. He was accepted to the college he wanted, his family was ready for him to go, the only thing keeping him home was waiting for the Wizard’s Competition. He heard rustling from outside and he climbed from his bed. He headed over to the balcony to see Harper standing in the moonlight. She was leaning on the ledge, her arms crossed over her chest. Her hair was blowing in the light breeze and it struck him how beautiful she looked.

“Hey, Harper, you ok?” he asked, she jumped and whirled around.

“Justin! You scared me!” she hissed quietly, not wanting to be loud enough to wake the sleeping family inside.

“Sorry,” he replied and came closer, he watched as she dropped her arms and was alarmed to see bruises up and down her pale flesh. It didn’t help that the nightgown she wore was so bright that her skin was practically glowing. Then he looked at the gown, it looked like a skimpy silk thing with a neon orange mesh over it, and he found it troubling that he was becoming more and more attracted to Harper in this moment. He scolded himself because not only did she look so vulnerable and fragile in this moment, she was dating his best friend.

“It’s ok,” she said softly, “Can’t sleep?” she asked and he shook his head.

“No. Harper, what happened to your arms?” he asked, Harper looked down and crossed her arms over her chest, which he took a second to admire before mentally slapping himself for doing so.

“Zeke got a little overzealous the other day,” she said and shrugged. Justin nodded; Zeke was known to be overzealous, especially about and around Harper. But it did seem he was getting a bit rough with her as of late, he remembered Harper actually had cried out in pain when Zeke took her by the wrist to drag her somewhere. He should have stepped in then but he just figured it was an accident.

He moved closer to Harper, who shivered in the breeze. He gently took her arms and looked at them, running his fingers up her forearms. He then realized there was another bruise on her shoulder and without thinking, moved the strap of the gown off. This one wasn’t a hand or fingerprint; it looked like a bite mark. That worried him, and what also worried him is that he had the urge to press his lips to it to comfort her. He leaned closer to her and she shivered again and he knew it wasn’t from the wind. They stood so close and he leaned back up to look into her face, she had so many emotions in her big doe eyes that he just wanted to cry. Want, fear, desire, pain, they spoke louder than any words she could say. And he hated himself for knowing if he put a toe over that line, she wouldn’t resist. But Zeke was hurting her, even if it wasn’t a Zeke thing to do, this wasn’t very “Justin” of him either.

He leaned down and kissed her, and with a moment of hesitation she kissed him back. He pulled her to him and this time, he shivered. She was so warm, so soft, so willing in this embrace. He held her closer, and broke the kiss slowly, refusing to let her go. She kept trying to speak and she couldn’t and he hated that she was starting to have tears in her eyes, this wasn’t making it easier. But it wasn’t enough to stop him from leaning closer and whispering in her ear.

“Come with me Harper.”

She didn’t protest or hesitate as he took her hand and brought her back to his room. She didn’t say no when he began to take off her nightgown. In fact she greedily took off his pants and pushed him back on the bed, he sat up legs dangling over the side.

“You know what they say can help you sleep?” she asked and he knew, they both knew but he wanted to hear her say it.

“What?” he asked and she stood there for a moment with a smile on her face. His eyes roamed over her supple body and realized he had never been so turned on in his life. Her body had curves and as he continued to study her, he realized he liked curves very much. Sure Juliet had been beautiful as the others had but they were twigs, just straight lines, Harper was an hourglass. Reminding him of the beautiful women of old Hollywood where her size would have been embraced, not scorned. She leaned down and slowly smiled, her warm breath against his ear made him shiver.

“Orgasms,” she purred and he turned his face and captured her lips with his.

He knew they shouldn’t be do this, that he shouldn’t be doing this but it was too late, there was no way in hell he was going to stop and at this point, neither would she. He knew she would never say no to him, not if he was offering sex.

“Well it might help my insomnia,” he said with a smile and he groaned as she straddled his waist and he felt her wet heat. “Oh God, Harper,” he whispered and he watched as she smiled. She was so beautiful and he hated he just realized this now. But turns out, it was a good cure for his insomnia, even if it meant hurting his best and dearest friend.


Title: All that I’ve got
Fandom: Wizards of Waverly Place
Prompt: Betrayal
Medium: Fic
Rating: R
Warnings: (Language, Violence, Adult Concepts and Interactions)
Note: I do not own Wizards of Waverly Place or the concept of the Tesseracts or even their name, that all comes from the brilliant mind of Nathan Atkins.
Summary: The road to hell was paved with good intentions.
Word Count: 805

Harper Finkle hated herself…not as much as she knew she should be, but right now all she could focus on was how deeply Justin was kissing her. He was better than she thought he would be, as much as she hated to admit it, it made this worth it. His hands were planted firm on her backside and he was grinding against her.

“God, I want you,” Justin growled against her neck and began pull up her skirt, that made this who betrayal worth it. Her eyes rolled back, he knew just how to touch her, and she could see that wicked smile on his face. He looked so devious, so proud of himself and the way he could make her feel.

Never in a million years would she have thought he would even look at her this way. She never stood a chance, not with beautiful girls like Juliet falling over him. So she would be with him every time he wanted, because tomorrow he could stop. Granted they should both stop, Zeke would be crushed if he found out his girlfriend and best friend were going at it like rabbits. Every time the opportunity would strike, he would pull her into empty rooms, closets and even in a dark corner in an empty movie theater. She shuddered hard as he withdrew his fingers and she watched with hungry eyes as he cleaned his fingers.

Zeke would never do this, hell even when they had been trying he could barely get out of his pants on time. But now, he was changing into someone she didn’t know. Now he was forceful and quiet, he hardly spoke to her when they were alone, and he suddenly became obsessed with biting her. It wasn’t the playful bites that Justin would press into her skin, she felt like Zeke was trying to eat her. It creeped her out but she scolded herself and tried to believe it was because she had Justin now and that she would find all flaws to leave Zeke. But she doubted Justin would date her and she would never ask. If this is how she would have him, then by God that’s how it would be.

“Justin,” she whispered in a rush as he was suddenly inside her and she watched as he closed his eyes, biting his lip as he filled her. When he opened his eyes again after a moment, he kissed her, tender and soft this time. Every time he kissed her like that, it broke her heart.

“You’re too good to me Harper. You’re too good for me, oh God…” he whispered against her skin, and slowly began his pace within her.

“Why?” she asked, and bit her lip as his pace quickened.

“Because, Harper, I can’t tell if I’m using your or loving you. I want to love you, I don’t want to hurt you,” he said, slowing his pace, she felt tears sting her eyes.

“I-we-I…don’t talk about that now. Not like this, just lie to me…it will make it easier on both of us,” she said, her eyes were closed and tears leaked out of her eyes. She felt him wipe them away and he nuzzled her face, he stopped moving and just held her. She couldn’t take it. “Just finish,” she wept and she heard him sigh and she couldn’t look at him, she kept her eyes closed.

“Harper, hey, look at me,” he whispered, his breath danced on her neck and slowly she cracked her eyes open. He was looking at her with such a sad look in his eyes. He began to move inside her and kept their eyes locked. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she said as tears rolled down the side of her face. He pulled out and cast a cleaning spell on both of them. As she got up and headed for the door, he called to her.

“I’m not lying, Harper,” he told her and her heart sank.

“I know. That’s what hurts the most,” she told him, she walked from his room to the living room and found Alex. The girl had a pickle in one hand and a fist full of cereal in the other. Harper took full advantage of this and threw herself against Alex and hugged her tight.

“Harper! Harper, what’s wrong?” Alex asked, so startled she dropped the cereal to the floor but managed to hang on to the pickle slice.

“He loves me.”

“Sure Zeke loves you, duh, no need to go melodramatic on me,” Alex said and shoved the pickle in her mouth so she could pat Harper on the head.

“I wasn’t talking about him,” she told her best friend as she heard Justin come into the room. She heard Alex move her head and then paused.



Title: Hidden Horror
Fandom: Wizards of Waverly Place
Prompt: Hostile Climate
Medium: Fic
Rating: T
Warnings: (Language, Violence, Adult Concepts and Interactions)
Note: I do not own Wizards of Waverly Place or the concept of the Tesseracts or even their name, that all comes from the brilliant mind of Nathan Atkins.
Summary: The road to hell was paved with good intentions.
Word Count: 1, 022

Alex Russo knew two things. She was disappointed in Harper Finkle for the first time in her life. That was aggravating enough. But second of all, letting Justin use her for…unimaginable things? Ew, it made her want to vomit. Harper was looking guilt ridden on the one side of the couch and Justin’s face matched hers on the other end. It was pretty damn awkward sitting between them right now, so Alex decided to do what came natural. She decided it was time to raid the fridge.

The door opened and Zeke walked in, and for some reason, Alex was pulled to look at him. It was weird she never cared or noticed Zeke but there was something different about him right now. She had been noticing things for days now. He seemed to exude a wave of energy that she could feel. Something not…Zeke, it wasn’t the sheer power of being a dork, it was something unsettling. As she felt it grow more intense, she couldn’t blame Harper for distancing herself.

She looked to the two on the couch who were staring at Zeke as well. No one spoke, but she had a feeling if Harper opened her mouth, she’d blurt everything out. Justin played it cool, for once, which was a refreshing sight from when he was usually in situations like this. Instead of a blathering idiot, he seemed so normal and cool about everything. It made her realize maybe her Brother had a devious side to be able to lie straight face and pretend everything was fine when in actuality he was banging his best friends girlfriend. Ew. It still disgusted Alex to even think of that.

The boys were chatting when something caught Alex’s eye. There was a raw, bloody patch on Zeke’s neck that was skillfully covered by his shirt. She almost didn’t notice it at first but then she focused and saw it again.

“Ew, Zeke, what’s on your neck?” She asked and the boy looked at her with an odd look in his eye.

“Nothing, just a rash. You know, allergy season is coming,” he said coolly, that set off alarm bells with Alex. This boy did not know the meaning of cool, so how the fuck was he pulling it off now.

“That is not a rash and I call your bullshit,” Alex stated and Zeke tilted his head.

“What bullshit?” he asked, honestly seeming confused.

“Don’t play dumb with me, what’s wrong with you?” she asked, and looked to the others, now Justin was peering at his friend curiously.

“Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine,” Zeke replied calmly, his face never changed, it was so eerie. Getting a very strange vibe, Alex walked over to Harper and placed her hand on her friend’s shoulder. The redhead winced and shrugged off Alex’s hand. The middle Russo looked down and saw a large bruise on Harper’s shoulder. She knew that wasn’t from her brother and the only other person who would put their hand on her was Zeke. Fury was beginning to burn in Alex.

“No you’re not. You’ve been acting weird since the asteroid? What did you do? Get abducted by aliens?” she asked sarcastically, that’s when Zeke smiled a strange smile. The hostility in the air began to grow heavier.

“No need to be abducted when they are brought right to you,” he said and Alex was stumped while Justin looked shocked.

“That piece of that asteroid…that did it, didn’t it? What’s in you Zeke, who is it? What is it? Can you hear me?” Justin asked, Alex groaned and cursed her brother as she moved behind him to get his back and to shield Harper.

“I can hear you just fine. The Tesseracts aren’t into full possessions; it’s just under my skin. I feel it all the time, it’s like metal and fire beneath my skin. I’m remaining calm because they enjoy rage, they enjoy fear and pain. Specifically the pain I cause you two,” he said looking at Justin and possibly Harper had Alex not been in the way. “They pity you. Harper, so weak and fragile, doing anything to be loved. They wanted me to make you strong but they don’t seem to take to you,” he said.

“Is that why you kept biting me?” she asked in horror, and he nodded.

“Yes. Apparently Tesseracts can’t survive in your system or you would be mine by now,” he said and Alex continued to block her best friend. “But they can in mine. And they like it.”

“Zeke, we have to stop that thing before it tries to keep spreading! We have to get it out of you!” Justin told him and Zeke turned his attention back to Justin.

“You can’t and I won’t let you. I feel so powerful now and its not power from stupid magic, it’s the power and might of a whole civilization burning within me. And once I’m through with all of you, I-“

That’s as far as Zeke got before he crumpled on the floor in a heap. Max was standing behind him, brandishing his wand.

“Max! What did you do?!” Alex asked, her younger brother shrugged calmly.

“He said he was going to hurt you guys, I wasn’t going to let him. It makes me sad. Alien’s are supposed to be cool, not douche bags,” he said and left the room as promptly as he arrived.

“Wow…” Alex drawled and she looked to Harper who was seemingly in shock.

“Help him Justin, please,” she begged and he looked at her with a profoundly depressed look.

“I can’t Harper, I don’t know how. This isn’t a magic spell gone wrong, I don’t know what to do,” he told her but Alex knew he will and would do anything he could to save his friend.

“Then what good are you?” she demanded and stormed from the room, a door slamming shut broke the silence.

“She’s right,” Justin said and Alex shrugged, she wasn’t about to commit to a side, she was still peeved at them but she would side with Harper 99% of the time.

“I’m not going to argue but we better do something before he wakes up,” she advised and her older brother nodded. Now it was time to free Zeke from whatever was within, Alex just hoped that they could save him and killing him wasn’t an option. They Russo’s were already responsible for one death; she was going to make damn sure that was the only one.


Title: Letting Go
Fandom: Wizards of Waverly Place
Prompt: WILD CARD (exhaustion)
Medium: Fic
Rating: T
Warnings: (Language, Violence, Adult Concepts and Interactions)
Note: I do not own Wizards of Waverly Place or the concept of the Tesseracts or even their name, that all comes from the brilliant mind of Nathan Atkins.
Summary: The road to hell was paved with good intentions.
Word Count: 649

When Zeke woke up again, he felt clear, he felt like himself again. He would have literally cheered had he been so tired he couldn’t move. He looked over the room to see Alex eating a bowl of pickle slices, Justin was pacing and Harper was staring at him intently. His mouth felt dry and hot, his body ached all over. He had never hurt this bad before and he never felt so exhausted.

He let his head loll to the side and Justin was right there, putting a cool rag on his head and trying to help him get a drink of water. He almost choked but was still thankful to have something wet his mouth.

“Thank you,” he rasped out and Justin just nodded.

“It’s ok buddy,” he told him and Harper shot Justin a grateful look.

“What did you do?” Zeke asked, he never thought they’d get that out of him, he didn’t even know the Tesseract got into him in the first place.

“A lot of complicated things but let’s just go with magic,” Justin said and Zeke nodded weakly.

“Sounds good,” he replied and settled back down, he looked to Harper who looked as exhausted as he felt. “What’s wrong?” he asked and she shook her head.

“Nothing, we’ll talk later, just save your strength,” she told him and Zeke sighed, he let his eyes close but his mouth kept right on talking. The silence didn’t feel right to him, he needed to talk.

“I know.” He said and Alex nearly dropped her bowl from the sound of swearing that erupted from her corner of the room.

“Know what?” she asked.

“Harper, I know you and Justin have been together. The Tesseract could feel him on your skin, he liked to use that anger to gain more strength. But then I realized I was just fueling him, even if it was true and it does break my heart, I can’t be angry. So I let it go. I forgive you, both of you.” He said and Harper started crying.

“I didn’t want it to happen,” she told him, “I love you,” she said and he nodded.

“I loved you too Harper, but I knew this day would come. And I knew I’d lose you to him but I’ve made my peace with it.” He told her and it was true. He had, he had no choice at the time but he realized as he laid there that it was alright. He would be fine and he just wanted Harper to be happy. He heard Harper approach and she pressed her lips to his forehead.

“Thanks but I don’t think it would work between him and I,” she told him and Zeke just smiled, eyes still closed.

“It will. I know you’re in denial but he does really like you Harper. I mean, what’s not to love?” he asked and he felt her tear splash on his face. It felt so nice; it was nice to feel anything again. Even if it was pain and heartbreak, but from the hellish visions the being had showed him, the power and chaos it would have brought, losing Harper was worth making sure it didn’t happen. He heard her go to Justin and heard rustling which he figured was them hugging. “Thank you, Justin, for saving me.” He said and he heard Justin come closer and give him a hug. Well it was more like Justin was snuggling to his chest. It would have seemed so awkward but he only found it comforting. “Take care of her for me,” he told him and Justin nodded into his chest.

“Thank you,” Justin whispered and Zeke continued to smile, but now it was a sad smile. He knew he’d rather let Harper go than to lose them both. Even if his heart was breaking, he was happy to feel it.