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10 May 2009 @ 07:13 pm
Mod Post  
All things Harper and/or Justin related are welcome here.

There's only a few rules:

1. All entries should be tagged by:

author: (example, author: saint_seducing)
type: (type: au, type: crossover)
rating: (rating: r)
length: (length: one shot, length: chaptered)
characters: (character: harper, character: alex)
pairings: (paring: dean/alex, any other than justin/harper)

2. Follow basic rules of any community.

No bashing.
Always lj cut anything over 100 words or pictures bigger than 200 px. (or more than three icons)

3. Use the fanfiction format.



Basically that's it, the rest will make up as we go along. If there's any intrest we can do community things like swaps or challenges.

If we need to we can close the community if we have problems but for now the community is open to all.

The profile should be finished in a couple of days!